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Mid-Range Circuit Breaker

78000-9600-XXX (10-60A)


The Mid-Range Breaker is great for any application under 60A, it is commonly used in trolling motor applications. This Breaker comes in ratings from 10A to 60A. With two #10 studs on the back all you need to connect it is two #10 rings.


Max Voltage 32VDC Interrupting Capacity ;
Max Current ;
Features Color-coded per amperage ratings ;
Material Thermoplastic/
Nickel-Plated Copper
Max Voltage 32VDC
Max Current 10-60A
Material Thermoplastic/
Nickel-Plated Copper
Max Interrupting Capacity 30 – 150A; 3KA at 14VDC
30 – 150A; 3KA at 48VDC
30 – 150A; 3KA at 30VDC
160 – 250A; 3KA at 14VDC
160 – 300A; 3KA at 48VDC


Use #10 style ring terminals to connect