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Motor Reversing Module

Electrical Accessories

This module changes the direction of the motor, and dynamic breaking stops the motor when the switch returns to “OFF”. The low profile is perfect for tighter spaces and the hardware is completely corrosive resistant.
It’s ideal for tarp or lift applications, as well as for hoists, hatches, winches, slowpows, intake/exhaust fans, vehicle outriggers, and other reversing applications.


Intermittent Load 50A/12VDC Electrical Life 100,000
Continuous Load 30A/12VDC Dimensions View Dimensional Drawings
Mechanical Life 10,000,000 Material Tin-Plated Brass/
Silver Alloy
Intermittent Load 50A/12VDC
Continuous Load 30A/12VDC
Mechanical Life 10,000,000
Electrical Life 100,000
Dimensions View Dimensional Drawings
Material Tin-Plated Brass/
Silver Alloy