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48 Series Circuit Breaker

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The 48-Series is a miniature push-to-reset thermal circuit breaker. It has an amperage range from 3A to 60A. It also offers a variety of mounting options, including panels or plates, ring nuts, or black and clear circuit breaker boots. There are two different terminal styles: .250 QC tabs and 90-degree screw. With a combination of different top styles you can choose from like white, black, white marked, or black marked. This miniature thermal breaker can be used with our Circuit Breaker box to create a 6 or 12 position distribution panel.

  • Over-Load Percentage 100% : Hold with No Trip
  • Over-Load Percentage 150% : No Trip within 60min
  • Over-Load Percentage 200% : Trip within 5 – 30s
  • Over-Load Percentage 300%: Trip within 1.5 – 5s


Voltage Rating 125/250VAC; 32/50VDC
Current Rating 3 – 60A
Voltage Rating 125/250VAC; 32/50VDC
Current Rating 3 – 30A